“Russian soldiers in Ukraine: the devil in the medals”

4 октября 2016, 14:53
“Russian soldiers in Ukraine: the devil in the medals”

thousand of Russian servicemen fighting in Donbas, - Bellingcat’s report

Bellingcat Group, which is engaged in the military investigations from open sources, said that over 10,000 Russian military could be brought to the conflict in Donbas. This is stated in the report "Russian soldiers in Ukraine: the devil in the medals," published on August, 31, Patriots Ukraine transmit.

In particular, the experts group noted that the earlier results of other studies indicated the Russian soldiers who posted photos received medals. As the representatives of Bellingcat, the value of these photos is that most state awards of Russia have a serial number using which you can accurately determine the number of awarded persons.

Experts say that comparing the pictures of two medals handed at different times, you can see how many medals were awarded during this period. In this connection they drew attention to four Russian military medals. "We can prove that in 2014 and 2015, the number of medals suddenly and dramatically increased compared to the number of medals handed by 2014.

A large number of medals " For Distinction in Combat " – 4300 these medals were awarded from November, 7, 2014 to  February, 18, 2016 - indicates that during this period the Russian army has been actively involved in major combat operations

Thus, the data indicate that in the period reviewed in the report more than ten thousand medals of all four types were awarded to ", - the report states. In this regard, representatives of Bellingcat say that in 2014-2015 thousands of Russian troops took part in combat operations and were awarded medals for their actions during these operations.

"Taking into account the evidence of the presence of the Russian army in the east of Ukraine and its participation in hostilities, and given that the awards were hardly awarded to the all Russian soldiers who took part in the Ukrainian conflict, we can draw the following conclusions: most likely, much more than ten thousand Russian military was involved in combat operations in eastern Ukraine; most likely, tens of thousands of Russian troops participated or contributed to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, " - statement said.

Thus, as Bellingcat experts said, information discovered during the investigation confirms the statements that there were thousands of Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine.

"This information also allows to increase the lower bar of the number of Russian soldiers who participated in the fighting in eastern Ukraine confirmed exclusively from open sources" - representatives of the group said. Earlier Bellingcat investigators group has published new satellite images that show the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"These satellite images show the deployment of Russian military vehicles and artillery positions, and new ways of transition in Ukraine. Dates of satellite images coincide with a major surge of activity of Russia in Ukraine near the post of border crossings, including the emergence of Russian troops in the village, located 10 kilometers from the post of border crossing, "- report stated.

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