Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has violated personal rights and freedoms.

28 сентября 2016, 10:03
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has violated personal rights and freedoms.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has violated personal rights and freedom of hundred people.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia allowed free access to the posted personal information of hundreds of foreign journalists, including the ones from Ukraine.
Yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RF (represented by their inimitable spokesperson Masha Zaharova) joined the people who condemn the publication of the list of journalists accredited by the LPR and DPR on the Ukrainian website “Myrotvorets”. A small reminder: “Myrotvorets” had published not only the names of the journalists but also their phone numbers and e-mails.

Zaharova expressed the following opinion (quoting the official Russian MOFA website):

«Such action can only be evaluated as neglect, but in fact it was Ukraine abusing the declared rights and freedoms in order to meet their political ambitions. Personal rights and freedoms of thousands of people were violated.

The action that was obviously performed with the consent of the official Ukrainian government goes against the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (art.17) and the European Convention on Human Rights (art.8), as well as against the Ukrainian legislation, according to which every person has the right to be protected from the arbitrary and illegal interference into private and family life» (end of quote).

The Russian journalists did not fall behind: «The General Committee of the Moscow Journalists Union, that unites more than 15 thousand mass media employees, including those, who were in the list on the «Myrotvorets» website, would like to express strong feeling of resentment concerning the publication of this data, that can be used by the radical nationalist forces. The attitude of a like nature is an unacceptable violation of the internationally protected rights and freedoms of the journalists» (end of quote).
We will not give any evaluation on the actions of «Myrotvorets» as such: yesterday anyone willing to express their opinion on the issue got a chance to do so both in Ukraine and abroad. We believe, that there is something more interesting to discuss here, particularly – Masha’s reaction and the reaction of the cohort representatives of the 15 thousands of Russian journalists, whose primary concern still is «what’s up with the hohols*». (derogatory term used as a synonym to the word Ukrainian)

The thing is that the official website of the MOFA of the RF provides a publication with the personal data (and not only from 2014, the most up-to-date is from April 2016) of 293 journalists from various international mass media, that had received the official accreditation from the Ministry. Moreover, unlike in «Myrotvorets», the Russian MOFA in their publication included not only the phone numbers and virtual addresses of the journalists, but also their physical ones, like the names of the streets, their numbers, apartment numbers, where these journalists temporary reside in the RF.

Here is, for example, “the community” of the Turkish journalists: (Scan 1)

Isn’t that cute? Especially taking into account the anti-Turkish hysteria, that is being blown out of proportion by the Russians, after the Turks shot down the Russian “vulture”. The Turkish journalist Hadzhioglu Nerdun must sure feel safe, living in the Western Biryuliovo, where just three years ago the most peaceful of the Moscow dwellers held mass riots under the motto «Hit the churkas*!».(derogatory term used to describe people with the Asian origin)

And the Moscow Journalists Union isn’t really trying to express their « strong feeling of resentment concerning the publication of this data, that can be used by the radical nationalist forces».  Or are they trying to pretend that there never were any radicals in Moscow, and the relationships with Turkey are on friendly terms again?

Surely, the MOFA of the RF published a lot of highly detailed personal data of the Ukrainian journalists:

It’s definitely hilarious that one out of the four Ukrainian journalists, accredited by the MOFA of the RF, is the insane clown Rulev, who is famous for his brodcast «Topaz, give the order».

However, publishing the address of the UNIAN journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk, who dared to publicly ask the Russian fuhrer «Why did you set up a punishing operation in my Motherland and who will be held responsible for the death of the Russian soldiers killed in Donbass?» – is a very crappy move, miss Zaharova! It is obvious that Putler* (a word used to avoid using the RF president’s last name) did not respond to the question, he lied and said a whole bunch of nonsense, but Roman’s question still “hurt the feelings” of millions of Russians. And Russians are one of the most easily upset people in the world and they openly dislike those, who dare to ask their idol questions they wouldn’t even dare to ask each other being totally wasted. These are the things that Russians do not forgive.

So if the representatives of the biggest international mass media can do, what the members of the Moscow Journalists Union would never dare to do, then the Russians don’t even have to send them threats via e-mail or call and curse them – they can simply do that in person, using the address given by the Russian MOFA.

And sure enough the spokesperson of the Russian MOFA Masha Zaharova doesn’t consider the of this personal date an «illegal interference into private and family life» of the international journalists. And trust me, Russians know far too well how to use this information: the insane country has and infinite amount of experience in emotionally and physically destroying the truth-telling journalists.

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