8 сентября 2016, 13:01

Civic activists are concerned about the rising civilian casualties. Russia roughly violates an international humanitarian law, conducting devastating airstrikes in Syrian cities.

Numerous civilian casualties are the result of Russian military operations in Syria. Al Arabiya writes about this, citing statements of local human rights activists who are concerned about the number of deaths during the last month.

"Russian aircrafts fly at high altitude and appear suddenly and without warning," - a journalist and human rights activist, who survived the Talbiseha bombing, Firas al-Said told to the publication. According to him, after the powerful airstrikes city turned to the real hell.

 "Charred, dead bodies were scattered everywhere. The survivors tried to find alive among the rubbles, and doctors desperately wanted to save at least someone on the spot. You cannot even imagine what was going on there," he said. The NGO Human Rights Watch called for an investigation into airstrikes in Talbisehu as a possible violation of international law.

However, Syria lacks the monitoring group representatives, who would record all the facts. "Local activists complain about violations of the international humanitarian law in Syria," Diana Seman from Amnesty International said. She also added that currently they do not have the full picture. "Our assessment is based on information from video and witnesses," she explained.

Founder of the Bellingcat – a platform for civil investigative journalism, Elliot Higgins said they will conduct an independent examination of all video of airstrikes displayed by Russia in the Network. After this they will correlate these videos with the video recorded by activists on the ground to verify information about the numerous civilian casualties resulting from Russian airstrikes. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) says at least 127 civilians were killed by Russian airstrikes as for today. Russian president Vladimir Putin continues to explain Moscow's interference in the internal affairs of Syria as the fight against "Islamic state." However, the majority of Russian airstrikes were directed against the rebels, who oppose IS and the regime of the president Bashar Assad.

The Institute of War Study said that there are no "Islamic state" terrorists in Homs. Analysts say that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is interested in controlling the city through which the key route passes. This path connects the region with Damascus on the south and Aleppo on the north. It will be recalled that the French journalists had recorded on hidden camera the interview with the Russian military in Syria. The servicemen said they have been in Syria "from the very beginning".

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