Why Russia wants to eliminate leaders "L / DPR"?

3 августа 2016, 16:37

Some thoughts about situation on the eastern Ukraine...

Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky earned millions the war. There was said many words, there is sufficient evidence and it is not a secret for anyone. The leaders used a range of mechanisms for enrichment of his fortune, which in no way contributed to the improvement of the living standards of residents, so-called "DPR" and "LPR". The self-proclaimed "leaders" thought little interest led them public. However, Zakharchenko and Plotnitski, to simply survive, sooner or later have to negotiate with Ukraine. Without this they could do just nothing. In other words, in Russia they are needed. Life shelf released.

Head "LDPR" during  their  "reign" in the occupied territories involved in the sale humanitarian assistance from Russia, "sheltering" points of sale in the markets, "spinning" of business, railway transportation, coal sales, smuggling and manufacturing of medicines. And so on to infinity. "Goods" get only friends of "leadership", the rest forced to survive on their own. To keep the government from Zakharchenko with Plotnitski were using different tricks, because they have understood the precariousness of his "throne." If they can not give for people bread, they try to noisy spectacles in which, once again, demonstrate the "victory of the young republic," create the illusion of a peaceful, quiet, prewar life. Permanent theft "carte blanche" granted by Russia to "correct reign." These actions of heads "DPR" and "LPR" fell short of expectations Kremlin.

In fact, Russia has prepared a slightly different turn of events for unrecognized "LDPR." Get at least, into account deprivation occupied Crimea federal status and its accession to the North-West Federal District. This is Putin once again demonstrated their commitment to the Crimean peninsula. Russia needs the Crimea as a springboard. Need territory only and not those who live in it. Similarly, it is not necessary and Donetsk of Lugansk. A similar scenario be the self-proclaimed "republic". Especially after exposing the Russian side hidden intentions begin to negotiate with the Ukrainian authorities on peaceful dialogue. Zakharchenko and carpentry unanimously declared that they are willing to negotiate. This further upset Russia and perhaps even was the beginning of the end for unrecognized illegally formed states.

They are not justified, because only become a burden for the Russian authorities. Occupied territory Donetsk and Lugansk never will feel full part of the Russian Federation. It is simply not necessary. The leaders of "Republic" living example show how much they care about their people. Showed how good life is in the "DNR" and "FSC". After all, these areas will be abandoned to their fate with their mentors and their pro-Russian bandit surroundings. However, defamation carpenter Zakharchenko and the Russian side is not far off, it is only a matter of time. Such  as a surrender of the pro-Russian "LDPR." The problem lies elsewhere. Is it aware of Luhansk and Donetsk residents? Those who so had wish to become part of Russia, who firmly believed in the "majesty" and "powerness” of the russian state? Do understand that on the other side of the barricades they are not wanted, and it is only geopolitics? People need to understand that the Kremlin propaganda struck powerfully on their minds. Events of recent years have dramatically changed their lives for the "cotton" beliefs, the better. It should look around and appreciate the global nature of the offense. Only then we could begin to remedy the situation.

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