The overwhelming corruption

3 августа 2016, 15:09

Nowadays society is very corrumped and we - young generation must resist this dangerous threat.

February 20, 2014 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has officially announced the beginning of the temporary occupation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russian Federation. October 7, 2015 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the relevant law. International organizations have recognized the occupation and annexation of Crimea illegal and condemned Russia's actions. Western countries have introduced a series of economic sanctions. In turn, the Russian authorities have denied the occupation of the peninsula. According to them, it is "the restoration of historical justice."

 To date, corrupted state is the foundation of life of Russian society. With each passing day it will melt more and more familiar and normal for citizens. Corruption - the abuse of official position and authority, giving and receiving bribes. And all this is in spite of the legitimate interests of society and the state. Since the annexation of Crimea thirst for corrupt actions of Russian officials has reached the peninsula occupied by them.

During 2016 in the Crimea 118 criminal cases were initiated on corruption crimes. A third of them are initiated on the receiving and giving bribes, the sixth - on the facts of abuse of power. Compared to the same period in 2015, the number of corruption-related offenses which had increased by an order. The average amount of bribes amounted to 220 thousand rubles, and the greatest - 3.2 billion US dollars... Increase the corrupt and corruption crimes increased significantly. This demonstrates the fact of annexation of the Crimean peninsula, as in Russian from the circumstances "bribing" left much to be desired. Corrupt officials support and cheer its people only with the words "There's no money! But you hold on! ". Also, the example of a resident of the Crimea Elena Titova, you can clearly see the level of corruption that reigns in the annexed territory, "More than a year ago, my father was in a terrible accident. He was taken to the hospital, but put in the hallway, citing a lack of seats in the House. The doctor who gave the Hippocratic Oath, demanded with my mother 70 000 rubles for transfusion of blood. After suggestion with his mother and family, we decided punish scoundrel. We took a tape recorder, recorded his speech about the difficulties of doctors’ practice, and then let him listen, and said that if his father did not survive - the doctor will sit down. Thank goodness! All ended well. Father alive, passed the rehabilitation course and feels fine. But about one I am regretting, that had not pass to the relevant bodies. But it would be necessary! But still thinking that most that neither have a clear example of corruption are institutions. Would you like to enter? Pay up! Pass the session? Pay up! It is not a novelty. However, people also help to thrive the corruption by giving bribes, as well as those who require and take them. All take it, probably for granted. "

According to the supervisory authority, based on the results of criminal cases Crimean courts, since the beginning of 2016 were decreed 62 convictions against 71 persons. Most of the verdicts were handed down for corruption offenses committed in the field of procurement of goods, works and services, medicine, education, and the use of state and municipal property. This is the result of finding the Crimean peninsula under the roof of the Russian Federation.

In occupied Crimea machine built to capture any business with the support of government officials, security forces and the judiciary. Bribes eat almost every sphere of activity. Actions mighty Russian corrupt and came to the peninsula, with it very rapidly. Corruption is not easy to eradicate, especially when it involved the person representing the government. Many people do not represent the solution of any problems without a bribe. It is easier to come to the money and the problem is solved. Is not it?

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