WARNING! Occupation technique!

4 августа 2016, 15:19

So after researching some interesting facts and news from DPR i wrote such informational post)

"There is no our military personnel in the conflict in eastern Ukraine! This is militia! ". This phrase constantly heard from the lips of the higher echelons of Russian power. They constantly argue and try to prove his innocence, passing between the ears clear evidence and proof of captured fighters of their country. This is understandable, because the official Kremlin policy level never admit his involvement in the war in Ukraine. However, captured Russian soldiers and officers were not the only evidence of the involvement of Russia in the Ukrainian conflict.

Recently, media spaces filled very interesting and provoking information. Leaders of some pawnshops Rostov region of the Russian Federation assured about the mass surrender of household appliances. This is the profit of the institution, so that the question arises why the owners of pawnshops disclose its earnings publicly? A fully exhausts itself. Clients are pawnshops Russian mercenaries. They repeatedly visited the area ATO to earn, and always taken from the occupied region of about 750 thousand units of home appliances. The numbers are impressive.

Rostov pawnshop employee "Aurum" somewhat opened a little the curtain: "Around 2014 we just waves began to take appliances. Those televisions, computers, and cameras and much more. We were surprised, because with so many marketing techniques we are for the period of its existence not encountered. Later we began to appear patrons. We were wondering where such activity. At first we were assured that just need the money, so pass technique. After some time, we still managed to find out the cause of this violent activity. We suspect that this has something to do with the conflict in Donbas and subsequently confirmed our assumptions. People went "to work" to Ukraine, from which brought "presents". What was left to myself that passed to the pawnshops, including our. This scheme of our business, this we earn a living. Although it is not very nice technology background, we receive of mercenaries, but this is our job. "

Involvement of Russian mercenaries in combat ATO once again confirmed. Apparently, once again Russian authorities will start to deny this fact by their nonsenses. So-called "guest workers" from Russia are themselves not hide his stay in the occupied Ukrainian territory. There is another confirmation, but it is from pawnshops Rostov. Who will be the next proofer of the invaders in Ukraine? It seems the answer to this question will not keep on coming. Kremlin hall invader actions and their "kings" never left unattended and punishment!

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